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When planning a renovation…

Be able to work out where to splurge, and where to save, you must have a plan mapped out. Have all your costs – or estimates – in a line. For each space there should be a predetermined amount you are willing to spend, so when it comes to planning you have a set budget to play with.

Allocate a fixed amount for each room in the house.

For instance, the bathroom(s):

Rarely when renovating for profit can you have all the bells and whistles that you want. So in a space, work out what is going to be your focus. In a bathroom this might be the freestanding bath, the vanity, the lighting or a feature tile. But it doesn’t need to be all of them.

Choose the focus of the space – focus your funds here – and make sure the rest of the space supports your focus point.

Planning essentials: Trends in kitchen design

Now take the kitchen…

In a kitchen consider choosing the island bench top, the lighting or an amazing splashback as the focus. Remember there is no need to make them all feature points. This can make a substantial saving.

Another great way to make sure that you can afford the focus piece is to employ the concept of high/low styling – using a mixture of high end and budget items.

Many people think when renovating you have to stick to all low-cost items, but if you are looking at each room with a contained budget you have full control over how you spend it. For example, if you offset $120/sf tiles with tiles that are $18/sf you can meet your budget with style, wow factor and comfort.

Kitchens are the best room in the house.

Set yourself up for success:

  • Have a plan of how it will happen
  • Have a vision of how it will look
  • Have a budget
  • Think outside the box as to how you use your budget
  • Spend high and spend low
  • Most of all: ENJOY



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