Selling your home is expensive, which is a crazy idea when you consider that you’re actually selling your most valuable asset. Putting money into your property to increase its appeal to potential buyers can really pay off, literally. The question is, how much do you spend on home staging and making your property sale-day
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When planning a renovation, to be able to work out where to splurge and where to save, you must have a plan mapped out. Have all your costs–or estimates –in line. For each space there should be a predetermined amount you are willing to spend, so when it comes to planning you have a set budget to play with.
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A REALTOR® can help a buyer save money and help a seller to make the most money. Because we go through the home buying and selling process daily, we can warn clients of potential dangers and looming changes. REALTORS® Facilitate the Process A REALTOR® is a client advocate, the market expert and the negotiating tiger all wrapped up
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